Runaway : students’ escape from routine

Hello everybody! We are two high school students who have come to LUISS in order to work for one week in the context of the alternanza scuola-lavoro project. Our names are Alessandra Manili and Lucilla Palmer. We got interested in habits… all sorts of habits, so we decided to undertake some research in order to discover how people live, especially students. The burning question is: what are their habits?

According to the American Journal of Psychology “A habit, from the standpoint of psychology, is a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience.” For us it is impossible to say precisely what these habits are given that it depends on who we are talking about. As we are not analysing a specific person and as we are working in a university, LUISS, we thought the best idea was to concentrate on students’ lives. Most of them gave us some insight into what their usual day is like: getting up early, going to LUISS, and getting back home. The lives of students may get stressful and booooring, this is why they all like to “have a life” that goes beyond having their heads buried in books! Many of them have hobbies such as practising sports, watching films, reading books purely for pleasure, hanging out with mates. Although some of this might seem a little trivial, such activities represent an essential release from being exclusively focused on studying. We also believe that maintaining daily habits are important but that it is also extremely beneficial to change them regularly. Everyone has their own routine, but talking to different students has led us to understand that people generally do the same things, even if they are particularly “creative”. But perhaps those with a creative mind have a different approach to things, one that involves curiosity and is open to change.

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Over the years travelling has become a habit that is “practiced” especially by students… Even if we are young, travelling has always been a part of our lives, it has changed our point of view because visiting different places and discovering new cultures inevitably influences our lives!!


We would like to present you with a taste of some of the stories and comments that we have gathered this week at LUISS, and so below we present a short video in which five students offer their perspective on travel and give us an idea of how they live their lives. We hope you enjoy this brief exploration of what we consider to be a fascinating subject. We certainly enjoyed making it and loved every minute that we spent in the brilliant, amazing, outstanding new LUISS language café.

As telecommunications and transport have developed, people have started to travel more frequently. Opportunities have arisen that were unthinkable in the past. The Internet has also made travelling much easier thanks to online booking( hotels,car rental , flights …) and the appearance on the market of low-cost companies has made travelling a lot cheaper, which gave people a major reason to explore new horizons. Everyone does it for different reasons, such as discovering different lifestyles, diving into new environments and meeting new people. Through putting our questions to LUISS students we found out that lots of them love travelling and they merge this passion with their studies: Double degrees, internships abroad and Erasmus programmes. We bet that you all know what Erasmus is but for those who don’t it’s a European Union student exchange programme, which combines all the EU’s current schemes for education, training, youth and sport.

Group of students with speech bubbles.

Last semester I lived in Oslo for an exchange student programme. There it was really really but really cold and their way of living was totally different from here: people are less sociable than us. They have a different culture: they are more organised, more focused on the environment than us. It has been a grateful experience, I’ll probably go back there!” , said Gianmaria Apa about his Erasmus experience.

We would love to hear from you if you have any comments on our blog or would like to offer your personal experience on these issues. We personally believe that exploring the way people approach daily life is particularly useful in this new post-industrialist world. You can write to us at …  


See you next time, and in the meantime, happy travelling!


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