Music: the rhythm of our life

Even though music has always had an essential role in the history of human beings, it has recently gained even more importance thanks to the development of new means of distribution.

From live exhibitions to the digital era


Until the beginning of the twentieth century the only way to come into contact with music was to attend live exhibitions, which were very expensive and exclusive. With the invention of LPs, tape cassettes, CDs and then digital reproduction tools, access to music has become so common and popular that it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without it.

Nowadays the easiest way to enjoy music is through the internet: people are abandoning traditional music devices in favour of new platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

We asked some LUISS students about their experiences in this field and they provided us with a wide range of answers. While some of them, like Giulia, still use CDs and listen to the radio, the majority prefer the digital broadcast channels.

This can be easily explained: as an anonymous student told us they allow you to listen to all the music you want freely and to discover new interesting tunes, while CDs are expensive and don’t offer the same opportunities.

An essential role in our life

Music strongly influences our life: according to 15 LUISS students, it can help us focus, relax, feel active and motivated. For example, Roger listens to music while he’s studying, Marta while driving and Regina when she wants to detach herself from her surroundings.

Very often it doesn’t just reflect our taste but also our mood and feelings. Different genres can cause different emotions: this is one of the many reasons why the same person may listen to various kinds of music. Another key factor is, for Giulia, the meaningfulness of the lyrics and the melodious nature of the composition.

GENRES CHART: What music do LUISS students listen to?

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 17.57.59

Music as a source of inspiration

Music is not only passive but also active. Many students are musicians themselves: they sing, play various instruments, write lyrics.

One of our interviewees, Andrea, plays both the guitar and the piano and has been part of a group for many years; Davide is a guitarist and covers rock songs of the 50s with his band.

We asked them which artists inspire them the most and their answers were quite similar: rock musicians such as Pink Floyd and Deep Purple are their undisputed influences.

Sofia told us that she doesn’t just appreciate the musical skills of her favourite artists (Rihanna and Ed Sheeran) but also considers them as role models.

What stands out from the answers to our questions is the fact that, although only a few students play instruments, music is incredibly important to all of them.

We totally agree. Music follows us through the best and worst moments of our lives, helping us to reach beyond our difficulties and increase our happiness. In a nutshell, it defines the rhythm of our life.




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