Let’s discover the healthy diet

By Giacomo Giagnoli

Let’s take a look to some easy tips to eat healthier!
It’s not too hard improve our diet, and our body will be thankful.
Let’s see how make little change in our life!

1.Natural food

We should try to eat natural and whole food.

An easy way to apply this “rule” is substituting some foods, like fruit instead fruit juice!

Untitled design.png
2.Eating meat
It’s not wrong to eat meat but we are used to assume it too much.
Digest meat it’s an hard job, and that’s why we feel heavy for hours after eating.

The only way to know what you are eating for sure!
With a little equipment it’s possible to prepare things like pesto, sauce, juice and bread too!


4.Let fruits and vegetables be more then 60% of your diet
This food help us to digest, it’s very useful!
A good routine would be to have a smoothie at breakfast and a big salad in the afternoon.

5.Drink a smoothie or eat a salad it’s great
Eating those foods you will understand how good your body can feel.
Got that you’ll be addicted to fresh food!

6.Try to not eat the same food every day
Even the healthy food, if eaten too often can be dangerous in the long run.
In my opinion we shouldn’t eat the same food over and over again, we have a lot of possibilities around us!!

Hoping you had fun and learned something!
See you guys!

BBQ Party.png



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