The Winter Workouts That Will Help You Make Room For The Stuffing

The weather outside is frightful, but the carbs on the table look oh, so delightful.

Holiday feasts are a recurring theme these days. The thought of hams and pies consume your mind, but the thought of working out seemingly doesn’t quite make the cut. It’s understandable that outdoor activities are less desirable in below-freezing temperatures. However, it’s important to exercise throughout all seasons of the year. Plus, it’s a great way to help make room for that extra bite of stuffing!

Jingle Bells? More Like… Kettlebells!

While you can always gear up and face the cold, there are alternatives to outdoor activities. Try hitting the gym!

“ Start with lower weights of 25 or 35 lbs at most. Many free apps for exercises online like the 300 kettlebell challenge. Make sure you use proper form and have enough room inside to swing the kettlebell to avoid damage. Great workout in less than 30 min.” Dr. Robert Replogle

Home Alone, Too

Don’t have a gym membership? Make your own home the gym!

“If you do not go to gym do aerobics at home such as running in place, rope jumping, jumping jacks, etc.” Dr. Ronald Krauser

Together For The Holidays

Grab some friends and do a group workout, or just hit the club! Dancing is a great way to get out while staying in, and working up a sweat!

“Jumping jacks and sprints, dancing and hopping, going up and down staircase, etc.” Dr. Steven Charlap

Problem, solved! Oh, after you’ve successfully completed your workout, it’s only fair to reward yourself with a cookie, or two. Cheers!


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