The Buongiorno Tour: An American-Canadian’s European Music and Travel Experience Stop 2 Berlin and Barcelona

Aug 27th, 2016 Let’s just say Berlin was off to a shaky start… It began with a strained achilles tendon, and too much pain to walk. “How could I possibly dance to one of my favorite artists ‘Machinedrum’…. I can barely walk.” Machinedrum is from North Carolina and is a properly trained guitarist and drummer. Even performed snare drum in the Marching band and got the idea for his artist name. So I had to shape up and give myself a stern pep talk. 

First think I did in Berlin was meet team Schön, lead by the beautiful Taalea, and the great beard of Zeus. Then after a day of seeing all the sights met my good friend studying at the London School of Economics, Sir Tessingtons the 4th. A few beverages at the hostel and next thing I know Machinedrum was playing a very intimate show in a huge club known as Berghain.

The number one major rule: #NOPHOTOSPLEASE.

Even got to meet ‘Machinedrum’ he’s a charming lad.

He performed mostly works from his new album ‘Human Energy’ which was released three days after the show on September 30th. He closed the show with my favorite track, a trumpet heavy tune “Angel Speak”. In my opinion the whole album is beautifully produced and I also recommend the track “Do it 4 you”. If you’d like more Machinedrum musical recommendations I highly encourage you to listen to the “SXLND-EP” (2012).

All of his music is available via Apple Music, Spotify, and even the old trusty, YouTube!

The next day we saw my favorite sight of Berlin the Konzerthaus where classical music is performed. Listened to the “buskers”

Thank Julien it’s me on violin! (Not)

Aug, 30th- I raced off to Barcelona for the biggest Rock show of my young career, to see the Californicators and pioneers of the punk rock genre the RHCP. After tempting fate and almost missing my flight because I missed a train in Rome, I made it to Barcelona in the knick of time. Had a solid first evening with the women of board and action sports association… The extreme sports regime knows how to drink a pint.

Early morning solo sight seeing:  First I explored Gaudi, and his gorgeous art-chi-texture… “Hey that building looks like a PHISH” I hobbled around the gothic quarter for about all day. Ate proper tapas at the Mercado de la Boqueria for dinner.

Went deep into Razzmatazz for the RHCP official after party with new hostel friends, LA native Kelly and the Colombian doctor. La Sagrada Familia, and the RHCP.  Got there at like 2am and stayed out late, like a proper Spaniard sailing away in an Armada.

Sunday, Oct. 2nd: Today’s the day it’s phinally here (not the RHCP show) I went to see the one and only La Sagrada Familia. Gaudi’ still got it they say. It’s not even supposed to be completed until next 2026… leave it to the church to be under construction for 120 years. But in all seriousness I saw the second Red Hot Chili Peppers Show in Barcelona on “the Getaway” tour, and it was spectacular. It was Kiedis’ daughters birthday, Happy birthday Boo Bear! Amazing visual design, the Palau St. Jordi came to life, I even got myself my phirst RHCP t-shirt… it’s purple. They ended with “By the way” and my earliest memories of being an audiophile came rushing back.  “hands down show of the trip” According to the Armada I never went to Spain, only Catalan, but I just can’t see the difference.


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