First stop: Buenos Aires (Part 2 of 2)

Hi everyone! Here we are again with the second part of this trip in Buenos Aires!


Before we start we the second part I wanna just one moment fix the moment to give you a clearly point of view of the situation. During the first part we saw two districts of the City (Puerto Madero and La Recoleta), Puerto Madero is located at the East side of Buenos Aires meanwhile La Recoleta is located on the North side of the city. So this was the first part. Today, as second part, we’ll see others two districts of the city (Palermo and San Telmo). Palermo is located on the West side of Buenos Aires meanwhile San Telmo is located on the South-East side of Buenos Aires.



District: Palermo.


Novecento Cañitas, Báez 199.

4 out 5 by Tripadvisor. This restaurant is a little bit more different than the others. We can classify it as more sophisticated. Not too much as location or as  restaurant but more as food and how the food is served. The final price obviously will depends by what you are looking for and what you want to eat.



District: San Telmo.


La Brigada, Calle Estados Unidos 465.

4,5 out 5 by Tripadvisor. This is the place, if you are looking for a place to eat the best meat in all Buenos Aires and even different types of meat, well, this is the place where you have to go. Good choice of wines. Other thing that characterizes this place (as more or less all Argentina) is their passion for soccer, the restaurant is covered by shirts and scarfs of various soccer teams. A different experience to enjoy.







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