New York City (Part 1)

Hi everyone and welcome back! Today it’s time to change country and hemisphere, today it’s time to go to New York City!

I wanna be honest with you, I’m looking the screen of my computer and I have no idea which words I have to use to describe this city. I have been a lot of times in this city and every time I’m impressed like the first time…”impressed”…no, it’s not enough to describe this city, it needs more. Every time I came to this city I understood that or you’re completely in love with this city or you hate it completely…”in love”…no, even this word it’s not enough I need more…”more”…”more”…yes, I found it! The perfect word for New York City is “more”. Why? It’s simply, everything in New York City is more than in the rest of the others cities. But, as I said, you can love it or hate it, this depends by the point of you that you have and which lifestyle you have/like.


I will not start to write all the general information about the city, just because it’ll be a waste of time. If you really want to know how many citizens there are in this moment in the city (a lot of citizens, trust me) you can go on Wikipedia and check it, it’s easier and faster. And the only thing that I wanna tell you is this; if u ever heard the quote “New York is the city that never sleeps” trust me, it’s damn true.

By the way, I don’t wanna go off topic, so remain with the goal of this section…places to eat.

  • Jackson Hole Burger, 521 3rd Avenue, New York City, NY 10016.

4,5 out 5 by Tripadvisor. Small restaurant but an iconic one. If you take the table near the wall you’ll find a small jukebox where you can choose what do you want to listen. The local as I said is small, so you’ll not find a lot of tables, but, most important thing…here you will not find tourists! Let’s start to talk about the food. Here you will find a huge list of burgers, but the burgers are not just good, they represent perfect the city…in which sense? Easy, they are not just big, they are huge, they are more.


This is a picture that I took to my burger last time that I have been there…damn, it was great!

Anyway, this is the location on the map.


  • The Loeb boathouse, East 72nd St & Park Dr North, New York City, NY 10021.

4 out 5 by Tripadvisor.


The most beautiful and attractive thing of this restaurant? The location. Really, the view that you have from the windows of the restaurant is something unique. You can go there and just take an hot chocolate at the bar during the winter and meanwhile you’re drinking it you remain completely stuck by the view.


The food is great and you can eat everything from meat to seafood. Also the presentation of the food is great, in particular if you take something more sophisticated. The great thing about this restaurant (except for the view!) is that is open also for the brunch!

This is the location on the map.


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