Michael O’Leary

Hello guys!

Do you know who the CEO of Ryanair is? Michael O’Leary. But above all, do you know how he began his brilliant career? I want to tell you.

He started working in a bar and managing a newsstand. After graduating, he worked as a tax consultant. The turning point in his professional career came in 1987, when he joined the Ryanair world.
Thanks to his intuition and his tenacity, he was able to heal a company at a loss, focusing on a low-cost service.

He said:
I started as a small business: I opened at 7 am and closed at 11 pm. That’s how I learned how to run a business. Not by books ”

O’Leary’s style is provocative and controversial. This is the way that he breaks
through barriers and markets his revolutionary low-cost airline.

I recommend a video in which he shows his genius and determination. He fully believes in his business idea.


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