Eat In New York City (Part 2)

Hi everyone! Here we’re again with the second part of our trip in New York City.

In this second part I want to show you two place where you can eat a fantastic hamburger. Let’s start talking about the differences between this two locals.

Obviously the hamburgers are great in both the local, but the first difference that we have to say is about the location. In one you can eat your hamburger in a park surrounded bye skyscrapers and squirrels. Meanwhile the other local is a restaurant located in an old butcher’s shop. About the food we have to say that there is a difference, in the local situated in the park, the concept is to serve the food as a “normal” fastfood, but with the goal of increase a lot the quality of the product. Meanwhile for the restaurant the concept is to offer to the client a great variety of hamburger gourmet, so, with some combination that usually you can’t find in a normal restaurant/fastfood.

  • Shake Shack, Madison Square Park, Madison Ave & E.23rd St.

4,5 out 5 by Tripadvisor.


As I said before, this is the local situated in a park (to be precise the park is the Madison square park). The offer of food is not so long, but, at the same time is good and probably enough. You can choose between burgers, burgers made just with chicken and also a good choice of hot dogs.

  • 5 Napkin Burger, 630 9th Ave, New York City, NY 10036-3708.

4,5 out 5 by Tripadvisor. In this restaurant you’ll find a great mix between an incredible location and a very good choice of food. The walls covered by white tiles and the presence on the ceiling of the rails, used to transport the meat, gives you a clear idea of the past of this place. The fact that the place has been modernized and changed, but without destroy his past is something that create a very beautiful atmosphere. About the food, the main “dish” here are the burgers. A good variety of burgers gourmet that you’ll fall in love with. Obviously you will not find just burgers, so, even if you are a vegetarian, I suggest you to come here.


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