How Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Conversations

Here are three ways that emotionally intelligent people handle conversations in social situations.

Everyone receives negative feedback sometimes, even those with high emotional intelligence. Where they differ is that emotionally intelligent people do not feel attacked emotionally, and they do not respond with a defensive “No, I’m not” immediately. Rather, they process their emotions fully and understand the point of view of the other side.

Everyone makes mistakes, but is everyone willing to admit what they did wrong? Emotionally intelligent people are not afraid to admit their own limitations and weaknesses, so they do not have a hard time apologizing. They are transparent with their weak points and have a real motivation to better themselves with the help of others.

Everyone encounters stubborn and annoying people, but how do emotionally intelligent people stay patient while everyone else is about to flip the table over? They are good at understanding and managing their emotions without having an emotional outburst. At the same time, they understand the emotional drives of other people, which leads to the last point – emotionally intelligent people are good at managing other people’s emotions and validating them.

Why not try to start small by taking a deep breath before handling conversations and conflicts?


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