5 reasons why you should try community gardening out

I tried community gardening out last year for the first time and I do not intend to give it up any time soon. Let me tell you why it might be helpful for you too!

  1. You’ll develop patience

Gardening requires you to understand, respect and follow the natural rhythm of life, which is inevitably slower than our daily routines. But don’t despair, the natural world is very rewarding: pumpkins may not grow overnight, but they do grow day by day! You will learn to appreciate waiting, because the results are worthwhile.


  1. You’ll get a chance to clear your mind

Gardening is incredibly relaxing. Working in the fresh air and focusing on manual work will take your mind off any concern, doubt or worry. Taking care of plants is a sort of meditative exercise.

  1. You’ll be involved in community-building

By engaging in a community project not only will you meet new people but also will you acquire a better understanding of the dynamics of the small-scale society you are part of.

  1. You’ll do something good for the environment

Community gardening projects help offsetting the carbon footprint of numerous institutions and universities, including LUISS. By taking part in such projects, you’ll contribute to the process. But above this, community gardening will put you in direct contact with nature. Since experience is a way of leaning, the exposure to the world of seeds, roots and plants will lead you to respect it more and, hopefully, to be more curious about it!

  1. You’ll eat some amazing food!

Last, but not least, you’ll have the chance to eat what you have planted and harvested. And trust me, nothing could possibly taste better nor be healthier!


2 thoughts on “5 reasons why you should try community gardening out

  1. Pretty good article! We are impressed! However, I am disappointed for your free advertisement to LUISS.
    Ahah by the way, stay good stay green!


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