Picking Up A New Language: Duolingo or Rosetta?

If you’re learning a language, like me, you’ll want to know the best way to becoming fluent. Knowing the best way to learn is important. You don’t want to waste your time on one thing when you find that something else works a lot better for you. Well, luckily I am here to help.

So, which will work for you? Duolingo or Rosetta?

Duolingo is a free service and is mostly based upon practicing translating the language you are trying to learn into your own. It is also the most popular of the two. When you are just starting out, having each word translated and working in this way can majorly help you get the basics. If you’re at the intermediate stage, though, despite learning a few new words, it can feel like you’re moving backwards. Because you are now thinking in your own language, whereas before you weren’t.

Rosetta Stone is a paid for service, which is more immersive than Duolingo. Rosetta is slightly more challenging in the short-term, but can deepen your knowledge and ability to think in the language you are learning. When our minds are not translating each phrase, we go straight to the word in that language, so once we know it, we don’t have to go the long way round. This is key to learning faster in the long run. It is also closer to how we naturally learn a language as children.

So, Rosetta or Duolingo? If you’re looking to grasp the basics of a language for free, it’s Duolingo all the way. If you are already comfortable with a language and wanting to expand your knowledge, go for Rosetta.


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