What is the HYPERLOOP and why should you care.

[reading time: two minutes]

It’s 2017. We are capable of printing our food in a 3D printer, we are able to fit an unbelievable amount of processing power in our watches and we are seriously pondering not only whether to go to Mars or not, but rather WHEN.
Still, our roads are jammed by cars and the average commuter is estimated to being waiting around 30 minutes per commute. That totals up to a whopping 15 FULL days that could have been spent in a better way, as for example reading this blog. Is this the world we want? Is this the world we deserve?
Luckily, (as per usual) Mr. Elon Musk has an idea for everything, commute included. It might not include flying cars – yet – but the result is mesmerising nonetheless.


A Hyperloop is basically the perfect, almost frictionless, low pressure environment contained by a giant, massive sealed tube, through which pods can travel as fast as 1300 km/h (700mph). How fast is that? Four times the fastest F1 car (375 km/h).
This technology could allow for commutes between cities that once were 7-8 hours of driving apart, lasting just 30 to 40 minutes.

Still the most challenging part of building the hyperloop is figuring out the architecture behind it: being a completely different means of transportation, it calls for a paradigm shift, from designing stations to elaborating new and efficient boarding systems.
Also travel could be environmentally sustainable thanks to solar panels installations and other renewable means of energy production, coupled with electricity storage devices.

The Hyperloop positions itself as a moderate distance, cost-effective, time-saving mean of mass transportation. Any distance below 900 miles could call for an application of it, solving at the same time traffic, time, and pollution issues.

But how long do we have to wait to jump inside one of these tubes straight out of Futurama? Sooner than we might think. A Dutch railway company has already put over half million Euro in this project, whereas on the other side of the pond, Hyperloop ONE et similia are building scaled down working tracks (i.e. Musk’s Hyperloop competition).
How amazing is this going to be? I literally can’t wait to hop inside one (Pun Intended).

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