West Of Your Cities. By Mark Strand.

It seems incredible but the latest anthology of American poetry published in Italian (the last American Poetry, edited by Wing Violence in 1964) dates back to 40 years ago.

Finally, now we have a new look on the poetic production of the United States: After the success of the anthology of fiction Burned Children of America, minimum fax brings Italian American poetry.

West of Your Cities is cured  for minimum fax by the greatest living American poet, Mark Strand, and excellently translated by Damiano Abeni.

Mark Strand (1935) is the author of nine collections of poetry, two volumes of prose, as well as essays, translations, children’s books. Among the many honors assigned, the Pulitzer Prize in 1999. In Italy Donzelli published in 1999 a selection of his poems, The start of a chair.

Damiano Abeni has translated for minimum fax poems by Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Charles Bukowski.

The book collects the best of the best of contemporary American poetry. Eleven different voices but pitched well tell us in choral manner how the war to date has been changing in the United States not only poetry, but also society, politics, life: the poetry of the eleven components of this ideal ” All Stars “literary (as a team we have eight Pulitzer prizes) never hesitates to think only lazily on itself, but tries to investigate, and affect, on reality, telling us from the inside what, precisely, to the west of our city .

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