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Let’s start with a hidden corner in Rome that is very near to LUISS University: Coppedè neighbourhood.

You can enter into this eccentric area from Via Tagliamento, as soon as you pass Piazza Buenos Aires.  I’m sure you will be astonished by the architecture of buildings that will stand in front of you! Indeed the entrance shows a big decorated arch that connects the two Ambassadors’ buildings and from which a strange wrought iron chandelier falls.

The architect Gino Coppedè, who gave the name to this area, worked there from 1913 to 1926.  The neighbourhood houses 26 buildings and 17 cottages and it is a “melting pot” of different architectural styles like Art Nuveau and Art Deco, but you can also recognize Greek, Medieval, Gothic and Baroque  art.


The heart of Coppedè neighbourhood is Mincio Square, where you can find the Frogs Fountain, a majestic fountain with 12 sculpted frogs. A curiosity: in this fountain The Beatles swam in 1965, after a concert in “Piper Disco” on Via Tagliamento.

The two most relevant buildings are “Spider Building”, which shows a gold spider above the Assyro-Babylonian façade and “The Fairies Cottage”, famous for its asymmetries and its Medieval decorations, built with different kinds of materials like marble, clay, travertine, terracotta and glass.

This characteristic and bizarre neighbourhood also became a location for Italian movies, like two horrors directed by Dario Argento.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Quartiere Coppedè and throw back to an enchanted world.


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