These countries have the most doctoral graduates

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Education is key to economic growth.

And tertiary education in particular, is at the heart of the innovation that we see around us. New discoveries such as MP3 and GPS technology would never have happened were it not for PhD research.

Countries are investing in their higher education systems, and more people than ever before are completing doctoral degrees. But which country has the most doctoral scholars?

The US beats the rest hands down

According to an OECD report, the US has at least twice as many PhD graduates as Germany, its nearest rival.

Next in line is the United Kingdom, which just pips India into third place.

Although fifth on the list, Japan only has a quarter of the PhD graduates that the US has

In sixth and seventh place, France and South Korea.

Spain and Italy, in eighth and ninth, have a similar number.

It’s worth bearing in mind that if we looked at the numbers per head of the population, the top of table might look rather different.

Among other trends noted in the report were the increasing digitalization and internationalization of research, ushering in an era of a global knowledge economy.


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