Reading Time: 3 Minutes

By: Alessandro Falcetti

Hello dear readers, in this short article we will speak about  what is not the Network marketing, in order to clarify everything about it!!

   “In the era of the information,  ignorance is a choice”

  • The Network Marketing is not an illegal pyramid.  

It is not like as an illegal lottery where a person earns pushing other people to participate to the game. The Networkers  are paid for the sale of products or valid services.


2- . The Network Marketing is not an activity only for men.

At the moment the majority of the people of success in this commercial system is women.


3The Network Marketing is not an activity in order to become rich in a short time.

Although for little individuals it has been possible to make the money in a hurry, these are not the rule, but the exception.

If instead we cancel the words “in a hurry” and we call it a “activity in order to make the money, then the speech changes.

CHIARA FERRAGNI with her blog “  The blonde salad “ IS THE EXCEPTION !!

“Chiara is the most popular blogger globally in terms of her daily followers, and no other blogger in the world has the same geographic spread of audience. In the first quarter of 2015, Chiara will be on a cover of international issues of four or five top magazines.”


4- The Network Marketing is not an activity only full-time.

Almost 90% of the men and the women in this system carry out the job to part-Time.





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