How to: Buy an horse

If you want to buy an horse, there are some tips that may help you in choosing and purchasing the best:

-Decide the breed thinking to the discpiline you want to practice, some examples:

Showjumping: Sella italiano, Selle franҫais, Holsteiner, Dutch warmblood, Belgian warmblood

Dressage: Friesian, Andalusian, Hanoverian, Lusitano

Eventing: Irish sport horse, Thoroughbred, Holsteiner, Belgian warmblood, Sella Italiano, Anglo-Arabian

-Decide if you want a younger and less experienced horse or an older horse: there is an Italian saying “Cavallo giovane a cavaliere vecchio, cavallo vecchio a cavaliere giovane” (young horse for an old horse-rider, old horse for a young horse-rider)

-Check the proportions, the morphology, aplombs, hocks, foot (no foot no horse) and ask to the seller to let you try the horse (it’s better if you saddle the horse and you ride so you can understand his behaviour)


-Look into the career of the horse and try to figure if he has potential for the future

-Visit the horse once without informing the seller, so you can be sure he is not doped

-Check the horse with a vet

-Ask for a trial period


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