The “Increíble Remuntada”

_1 Luis Enrique, “The fearless man”

_2 Remuntada.

_3 This is why we play

_4 Media Reaction

 _1 Luis Enrique , “The fearless man”


3-3-1-3. When I saw this line my first thought was :is he playing Fifa 17 ?

I was wrong.

This line could be read as 3-3-1-3 or, as Enrique wanted, “We don’t want to give up”.

There were only few chances to overcome the four goals deficit and with this unreal line he succeeded in increasing them.

In the pitch there were 3 defenders, 1 defensive midfielders, 2 attacking midfielders and 4 forwards facing a Psg without one of its most valuable player, “el fideo” Di Maria, left on the bench despite of his incredible double in the first leg of the qualification.


Looking at Messi, you can notice that during Barcelona ball possession, he played as a real attacking midfielder, few metres behind Suarez. This position helped the wingers to extend their play in the wings.


Emery’s line was exactly the opposite. A 4-3-3 with the “Italian magician” Verratti more forward trying to inspire the pace of the wingers Draxler and Lucas and “el matador” Cavani.

After all Emery’s thoughts were simple: defence and counter attack, if we score, we’re in quarter finals.

Sometimes , however, the simplest things are the hardest ones.

_2 Remuntada.


                      1.f Subida o ascenso tras superar algún obstáculo o dificultad


The first time I had ever hear the word Remuntada was in 2010. As soon as Barcelona had lost 3-1 in San Siro against Mourinho’s  Internazionale. The day of the second leg, Barcelona was covered of blau-grana flags and everyone wanted to participate in the “big revenge”.

In the Camp Nou there wasn’t a single seat empty and every Barca supporters were ready to shout their fury in order to succeed in an historic Remuntada and in reaching the champions league final in Madrid.

Nevertheless, Internazionale lost only 1-0 after an heroic performance, despite T.Motta was sent off in the first half after a shameful dive from Busquets.

Some days before Barcelona-Psg I’ve read it again, 7 years later.

This time, they began to talk about the Remuntada after a 4 goal deficit. Impossible. Or not?.

_3 This is why we Play


Despite of money, scandals, racism and all the other bad things that every day we link to Football, this Game never fails.

This Game is emotion, passion, love. Once you fall in love with, you can’t just get enough.

The game began with an early header scored by el pistolero Suarez, more responsive than Trapp in the penalty area.

3’, 1-0 It could be possible.


The early goal made the Camp Nou atmosphere more feverish and frenzied,and the fans began to believe in the Remuntada, Barcelona needed other 3 goal to level off the deficit.

Psg didn’t want to let them do it so easily and after some minutes, Draxler complained for an ungiven penalty, after an hand-ball tackle by Mascherano in the penalty area. The game became to get frenzy and some yellow card were shown to both sides players.

At 40’ an exciting own goal by the French left back Kurzawa gave to Barcelona the certainty that Remuntada was possible.

42’, 2-0 It’s Possible

Half-time. 15 minutes to re-organize ideas for Emery’s players.

But after only 5’ after a very criticized penalty was given to the host team.

Messi scored.

50, 3-0 We are doing it


40 minutes to go and only 1 goal to level off the handicap. Psg needed an away goal to make sure their move to the next round. So Emery, finally, decided to call on Di Maria. The winger made a difference and Psg succeeded in scoring with a great half-valley by Cavani.

62’,3-1 Impossible


28 minutes to go and 3 gol to score. Only a miracle could save Barcelona and some fans began to leave their seats.

It needed something miraculous and Neymar Jr provided it with a stunning free-kick that deceive Trapp.

88’,4-1  What a shame

Only 2 minutes left and some minutes as added time. After 2’ Barcelona won another penalty for a push on suarez, who ,as always , emphasized the contact.

Neymar took this one and beat Trapp for the second time.

91’, 5-1 Oh my God

After the penalty the board went up showing  five minutes of added time.

The atmosphere was electric. It could have been All or Nothing.

Some seconds before the final whistle Neymar (always him) flighted over the Psg defense the ball and there was Sergi Roberto to reach it and volley it into the net.

95’, 6-1Impossible is nothing.

This is why we love this Game. This is why we play.

_4 Media Reactions

Barcelona –Psg is considered one of the most intense and emotional football game of all time and the reason is clear. But, despite of this, a lot of fans and journalists complained about the referee behaviour, who gave 2 (doubtful) penalty to Barcelona  and turned down one for the French side.


Psg reaction after the defeat. Then the tweet was removed.


The first page of “L’equipe”


Psg players grades on “l’Equipe”


Luigi Casole



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