Country you go…… Bed sizes you find !!!!

Almost every Italian, at least during his youth, has tried to sleep with more people than the bed can support. Obviously you can not pretend to have a comfortable and peaceful repose, the space is limited and the intimacy could annoy you if you are not familiar at all with this experiences. Things change in an international scenario.
A Parisian, for instance, could boast that his *single size bed* is 10 cm wider than the Italian one, same for Germany, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Uk and Spain. US and Canada do not share this view, due to their different unit of measurement and their will to be the best ones the largeness of their single beds counts 99 x 191 cm (39 x 75 inches), 15 cm more than the normal one. This is one of the first elements that I noticed when I have visited US, I mean although It was a bit difficult at the beginning, I was able to overturn myself three times without falling down.

Another peculiar point that comes out is the much wider range of bed sizes supplied by Anglo-Saxon countries. For instance New Zealand is currently using 10 different bed dimensions, which vary from the *single one*( 91 cm x 188) to *Water bed king* (213 x 203). Most of them are addressed to two people, but I truly don’t understand why someone should make all that effort to reach the bed edge to get up.

In conclusion, remember to put at least two alarm clocks when you are abroad because the different bed sizes could make your wake up more


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