The power of empathy

[Reading time: 2 minutes]

Many people know that a relationship is based on connection. And connection is fuelled by empathy.

We usually mistake empathy with sympathy. The difference between these two is that the first fuels connection, the second one spreads disconnection.

Empathy means to understand others’ feelings and be with them. Empathy means to say “I know how do you feel and you are not alone”. Create a connection with others, however, is a difficult choice. Means connect yourself with the deepest part of our soul in order to understand that specific feeling. Means connect with something inside yourself that knows that feeling. We do this in order to feel other people’s pain or joy as that feeling were ours.

There are four aspect which define empathy:

  • Perspective taking: which means to put yourself in others’ shoes, understanding and recognizing others’ perspective as true;
  • Staying out of judgement: which means to try to understand other people point of view, even if is different from yours;
  • Recognize and communicate others’ emotion;
  • Feeling with people, be there with them in that really moment.

Empathy means to create a connection between souls, means to “be there” and to give your support and your help.

Empathy means understand how do we deal with our pain. When we are suffering we only need someone who is our friend, who understands the situation and takes care of us. Taking care of others is very difficult. It means to be truly yourself, having no one protection. And people are scared of this. We build walls between others and us. And create a connection, building empathy, means to smash these walls.

Sharing feelings is a difficult choice and it is impossible if we start with “At least…”. Sometimes is better to say “I don’t know what to say, but I’m glad you shared your feelings with me”. This can happen because the only thing which makes something better is connection.

Make your choice.

Discover the power of empathy and build connection. You will discover a “new world”.





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