Welcome to my kitchen

[Reading time: 2 minutes]

Hello readers! Today I want to talk to you about something: preparing food.

For many this world means only preparing something and hoping not to die while eating it(yea someone cooks that bad) but for a small minority preparing food is something delightful and magical. This portion of people care about what they put on the table and loves what they do. Well in this small insert of the huge blog of the Luiss Language Café I would love to make you follow me in this magical world.

Yes in the world of the food.

It might be difficult because students belongs to that part of the population hoping not to die but with my hints and tricks also you…yes you reader will be able to experience the love of a good meal prepared by yourself.

In this first insert I don’t want just talk about my aims. I want you to close your eyes(after you read silly) and imagine your kitchen. You will probably see a bunch of stoves and drawers full of plates, forks and strange harnesses. But looking deep in you might also discover something more…yes…no not that piece of pasta from the last thing you cooked. I am talking about the sensations and the infinite number of possibilities you can take from just a single room. That single room will be the main guests of our weekly talks.

I hope I planted in you the seed of curiosity and that I the next Monday ill see you all here with paper and pen(or whatever… I don’t know what technologies you use…I just know about kitchen stuff).

Well…after this I guess I can say proudly: I’m Manuele…and welcome to my kitchen!

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