Rosemary: for stressed brains

[Reading time: 2 minutes]

How many times have you walked through a market, a country path or simply passed in front of a window and smelled the amazing aroma of rosemary? This herb has been used for millenniums by the Mediterranean populations, not only for the strong taste and aroma, but also for the incredible benefits it has if regularly added to our diet

So, what is so great about rosemary to be given such a positive meaning?

Well, first of all it helps improve memory and increase focus, which for a student is always a good thing; the aroma of rosemary in addition is also very useful to reduce stress, and improve your mood (if you are into yoga or meditation, a rosemary-scented candle will be your best friend!)

This modern age is extremely stressful, and this could cause stomach or head aches: no problem, rosemary is your friend: boil some water and add some twigs (after washing them!) to make an infusion, put some honey if you want and you have a nice little remedy for upset stomachs; if you have a really strong headache you can make a decoction: add the rosemary to some water in a small pot and boil it: then let it cool down for a moment and dunk a towel in the decoction, apply it to the temples and you’re done! The headache will disappear in no time

So what are you waiting for? You probably already have some rosemary in your kitchen, so go and enjoy all the magical properties of this herb!



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