The energies for your entrepreneur

[Reading time: 2 minutes]

Man is the fruit of your own biochemistry. All decisions, all the things he does are the result of a combination of internal factors. If your biochemistry is upset, they will also upset your decisions, your life and your way of working. To deal with the days, to answer to the many customer calls and to face the lots of problems, you need a lot of energy. You can have a Ferrari, but if you put in the tank pineapple juice with difficult it will start. If you have more energy, you will feel much better and if you feel better you can bring out the best of you. The advices to keep fit and be active at work are:

  • begin the day with a fruit or a juice, indeed the only thing that the brain needs are sugars, these are the real fuel of the brain;
  • drink milk, which is a protein concentrate and drink coffee, so as to provide an exciting bomb to your brain;
  • drink lots of water, is useful to eliminate toxins, from which the body must be as free as possible;
  • make physical activity, walk, run, jump, to facilitate the expulsion of toxins (thanks to the lymph apparatus) and the production of feel-good hormones (endorphins and serotonin);
  • do not let yourself go to great feasts, but more snacks during the day to don’t miss the concentration and allow blood to don’t focus on the stomach digestion;
  • the last meal should be made two hours before going to bed, otherwise your sleep will be very superficial and will follow a poor quality sleep.

Start the day at top allows us to be much more dynamic, motivated and productive the entire day. It allows us to address problems with more grit and determination, inter-relate with more enthusiasm and to be more creative.

So one of the ingredients for a successful business is: having an active entrepreneur in the psychological and physical sphere.


Tommaso Trufini

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