TO DO: a second chance with Made In Carcere

[Reading time: 3 minutes]

For this week appointment, I decided to temporarily suspend our journey within big companies preferring to focus on a small reality that operates in Italy in the field of social entrepreneurship: Made In Carcere (MIC form now).
Actually, I choose to share with you the experience I had the chance to live last summer thanks to VolontariaMENTE LUISS, the project provided by our university that gives us the opportunity to get involved into volunteering activities during the summer.

So, it was July, 5th 2016, and I was leaving Rome by train on my way to Lecce. I could’t imagine what a great (and literally intense) experience I was about to live.

When I arrived I was welcomed by Luciana Delle Donne, CEO and Founder of Made in Carcere – Officina Creativa s.c.s., and my colleagues, Marta, Giulia, Andrea, Edoardo and Enrico.

After a brief explanation of what Made In Carcere’s values and activities are from Luciana and after having introduced ourselves, the role we had to cover during that month were defined and we started working from the very beginning. I took the marketing position, trying to convey to the public what Made In Carcere really is, the value of its manufactured goods, as well as its story.

So, here we are. Why did I decide to name MIC among sustainable companies?

Made in Carcere is a brand of Officina Creativa s.c.s., a nonprofit organization, founded by Luciana Delle Donne who in 2008 opened a sewing laboratory in jail, allowing the prisoners in the jails of Lecce and Trani to acquire skills useful for the reintegration into society once released from prison.

MIC, as a social enterprise, not only gives a second chance to those who committed crimes, but also to tissues. In fact, the materials used for the realization of the manufactured goods sold by MIC, are gifted by other textile industries: these are goods that otherwise would be discarded, but which, thanks to the seamstresses working in prison, are recovered and given a second existence.

Working with Luciana gave me the unique possibility to understand how a change maker needs to act. She always stresses the fact that in order to help others and the environment, it is essential to combine an innovative mindset with new management acumen as well as with a passion for what you are doing and the ability to listen to your inner voice. And of course, keeping everything always under control with the essential To-do lists, dear to Luciana for their effectiveness!

Last but not least: this experience made me see plenty of the breath-taking summer sunsets of Salento.

Giulia Vitali


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