Garibaldi Reds

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Nottingham Forest have worn red since the club foundation in 1865, three years after the Nottingham County’s (today known as Notts County) foundation in 1862.

The name “Forest” was added because the team played in the Forest Recreation Ground which in the past was part of the legendary Sherwood forest, the place that made Robin Hood famous.

1.png      A picture of the statue of Robin Hood in the Sherwood Forest Image source

At the meeting which established Nottingham Forest as a football team, the committee also passed a resolution that the new team colours should be “Garibaldi red”.

Garibaldi, in April of 1864, visited England and received a warm welcome in every places he went.

Inspired by the romantic image of the “fighting hero” that enabled Italy to be unified, the young founders of the club ordered a dozen red caps with tassels.

2.png  Nottingham forest kits until 1899

Still today Nottingham Forest’s supporters are called Garibaldi reds.

But that’s not all because Nottingham Forest is the reason behind Arsenal‘s choice of red, having donated a full set of red kits following Arsenal’s foundation in 1886.

I think that you are going to love this amazing team!

In some weeks I’ll write another article about Forest so stay tuned!

Luigi Casole




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