The white side of the moon

[Reading time: 3 minutes]

In our world where controversies are very common among people, maybe thinking positive could be the solution we are looking for.

Just complaining without doing anything to solve problems is a rooted misbehaviour especially among the young  maybe this can be linked to the belief that women like gloomy man. I’m joking.

Today I would like to analize the different kinds of complaining people.

The first one loves complaining all the times without even knowing for what is complaining for.

All he needs is just a small input to start complaining; he could be able to complain even about why the sun is too hot! Anyway he doesn’t try to find a solution but let others do it.

The main characteristic of this kind of person is that he doesn’t do anything to solve his problem, and maybe he doesn’t really want to solve it, otherwise he wouldn’t have nothing to complain about.

The second kind of complainer, regards people who complain and try to solve problems without positive results. The risk about that is the fact that they could become frustrated and finally lose controll stimulating other people to do the same and to be dangerous for the whole society.

I believe this kind of citizens doesn’t help the government to build a positive society.

To conclude, we turn to the third category that comprises the ones who have an interior complaining, that, at a certain point, without any alert, explodes creating what we call “serial killer”, but  perhaps this is another story.

Dante Alighieri in his “Divina Commedia” put the cowards, the killers and the other sinners in the Hell, a not very pleasant place, so my advise to avoid it is to be ALWAYS POSITIVE.

I do not mean to walk every day with a smile on your face, because sadness and anger are integral parts of ourselves. What I am trying to say is that the best way to live your life is looking at positive side and we have to train ourselves to look at the white side of the moon.

Gianmarco Bartolomucci.






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