HOW TO DO: Glitter Roots

[Reading time: 3 minutes]

With the resurgence of almost forgotten fashion trends, it was almost inevitable that the kids of the 80s and 90s would eventually begin searching their childhoods for unique forms of hair inspiration. We are talking about……..


The latest trend to go viral on Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest! sure isn’t for shy girls. No doubt, you have to be a little bit brave to embrace this trend.

Let’s start!

Things you need:

  1. dry shampoo
  2. Hair spray
  3. Glitter (obvs)
  4. Hair gel
  5. A bowl or plastic container
  6. Hairbrush
  7. Flat brush

First, you must choose  glitter; you can experiment with different color, shapes or sizes, and mixing some.

I like to use a color that is opposite  to the shade of my hair; But you can choose also a similar shades to your hair color, this ensures that the glitter doesn’t look too sprinkling.

Prep by dusting the whole area with dry shampoo, and brush it off;

Now, mix in a bowl glitter with hair gel until you reach the desired consistency.

Begin at the front of your head and paint backwards using a flat brush. You can choose how thick you want your glitter roots to be, depending on your preference It will keep glitter from getting stuck to your scalp.

Then, mist the first three to six inches of your part a few times with your hairspray — just a few fly-bys, not enough to wet it.

The best thing about this glitter roots look is that you are free to style the rest of your style to suit the occasion.

Ok, so maybe it’s not school or university appropriate,

but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with glitter hair on the night out and considering it washes out with a bit of shampoo you don’t need to commit longterm

Looking for inspiration? You’ve come to the right place.

I found some ideas for you!

Girls brace yourself !!!

Festival season is here, and the hottest new hair trend is going to be lighting up the night sky at Coachella festival. Leave your flower crown at home and embrace the ultimate trend: glitter roots.

And please don’t forget: What makes glitter annoying is also what makes it powerful!


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