Let’s egg

[Reading time: 2 minutes]

Oh I didn’t saw you getting here. Well since you guys are here I think I should say: “Welcome (again) to my kitchen!”. Well well…I didn’t expected a visit at this time… can I offer something to you my dear readers? How about…lets see…wow the Language Café doesn’t have so many stuff to eat…let me check…aaand found.

Ok guys I have the perfect thing for you today. Want to know it right eh? And I’m not going to tell you…. I’m kidding of course I’ll do(its my purpose after all). Ok today I want to present you something that made scientists talk for ages and creeped some others: I’m talking about eggs. Since  the dawn of the time our ancestors used this delicious food to fill their bellies(except caveman…dinosaurs weren’t easy to tame).

Eggs as I said are the main ingredient for many treats but also cooked on its own a nice egg can do the trick. The difficulty of preparation is: kid at the kindergarten(not joking…it THAT easy). Ok first of all what you need is a pan(the dimension depends on how many eggs you want to do, I personally advice for this time a small pot), pour some olive oil In the pan and start the fire at medium heat(don’t and I say don’t burn the kitchen…I don’t take responsibilities). After the oil Is nice and warm crack an egg directly over the pan and pour the full egg in(obviously don’t eat the shell…better pointing the I’s). Wait for a few minutes till the egg is ready and according to your tastes take it slowly out of the pan and get it on the plate. If you want to garnish it with some spices you got in your house be free at your own taste.

This is the first recipe I wanted to talk about because: its easy, its good and it gives you that nice smile you need to get through your life. Ah I almost forgot…to get some more from this easy plate you can slice some fresh bread(or pick it from the package you bought and prepare to taste some gooood stuff. Well for today I’m not really done with eggs(just because the article can be a little longer). Another tasty recipe requires a little more work but its as good as the first.

Repeat the process of the pan and let it warm up with oil in. While the oil warms up crack two eggs in a bowl and stir them well(don’t mess up the place…please don’t…egg is hard to remove) and add some paprika on it while stirring( I use paprika cause I like it spicy…but you can actually like anything you like…from basil to laurel). After the eggs became well mixed pour the mic in the bowl and stir it while it cooks. Still the cooking time depends on if you want your egg soft or more hard. After you cooked it just put it in a plate and enjoy with some bread near.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey in the eggciting world of eggs…have fun, goodbye and stay tuned! (Also study hard…I was forced to say this…bye!)


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