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Spring is finally in the air! In this period I  suggest you to discover EUR, an  unknown Roman area where you can live all the magic of the most fascinating season in a year. Indeed from 21st March to the first days of April the Central Lake Park of EUR celebrates the special Japanese event called “HANAMI”, during the which it’s possible to admire the transient beauty of cherry trees bloom. The park houses a lot of cherry trees that were donated by Japan in 1959. The atmosphere is very romantic and you can restore your senses walking around this artificial green area recently built in Rome. You can reach EUR by subway (LINE B) getting off EUR FERMI station and it will be worth IT!

EUR is a relatively new quarter.  It was founded to host the Universal Exposition in 1942 that had never taken place due to World War II and to celebrate 20 years of Fascism, led by Benito Mussolini. Nowadays it’s a residential and business district, full of imposing buildings, skyscrapers and headquarters of ministries and of the most important Italian companies like ENI, Poste Italiane and UniCredit Bank.


The most famous building at EUR and the symbol of Fascist and Italian New Classical architecture is the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, known as Square Colosseum. It was designed in 1937 to host the Italian Civilization exhibition. Several statues surround the majestic building and they represents arts and crafts like Phylosophy, Astronomy, Medicine etc.

A curiosity you must know is that lot of Roman people find an allusion to the name of the Fascist dictator counting the loggias which appear as six rows of nine arches. Indeed Benito and Mussolini have respectively 6 and 9 letters! It could have been a great self-celebration of his personality. Since 2015 Square Colosseum has housed the headquarters of luxury fashion label Fendi that pay a fortune to occupy this historic white building that you can’t avoid to admire in all its shining beauty and perfection. The building exemplifies the monumentality of the quarter where you can also find the huge church of Saint Peter and Paul (at the beginning of Viale Europa), the Central Archives of the State and the “Palazzo dei Congressi” which hosted the fencing events for the 1960 Summer Olimpics and nowadays it’s the heart of different special events in Rome.

So, what are you waiting for? Be ready to feel yourself very tiny among the high white columns in EUR.

Francesca Errico


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