Breaded cutlet: how it’s done

[Reading time: 2 minutes]

Hello readers and followers and welcome to my kitchen! Today I want to ask you a little something: how many students(the outsiders…if you are I family it doesn’t count) are needed to make a breaded cutlet? I guess by your current knowledge 0.Yes with your current knowledge, but thanks to my today’s recipe you will be able to do it on yourself(or a partner if you like company/you are completely unable to do things).

Well then let’s start with today’s recipe: how to make pasta! What? I said I was going to do meat? Damn…ok then…let’s(really)start with today’s recipe: how to make breaded cutlet! Ok first the ingredients we will need to make this delicious dish.

What you need to buy is: meat(I recommend you an escalope), an egg(yea they are back), bread crumbs(you can find them at the supermarket) and parmesan cheese(you will need it grated so…up to you). What we have to do is to grab the egg and crack it in a plate adding some grated parmesan and a bit of salt. After mixing everything properly we dip the meat in the egg mix while we put a stove with oil on ,still…be careful(repetita iuvant), then after dipping the meat in the egg then place it in the bread crumbs. When you are done with dipping the meat in the mix just place it inside the pan. The oil should cover up the meat and the cooking time is of a few minutes(to get the right cooking look at the meat and when you see its golden brown…not the song…put it out the pan draining a bit the meat to try and have something a little healthier). Well place the meat on  a plate and enjoy(if you want to be totally healthy eat the meat with some salad near…it will help you get lots of likes on Instagram).

Thanks for following me again, I hope today’s recipe was of your liking…study hard and stay tuned!


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