Dolberg Surround



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Kasper Dolberg was born in Silkeborg, Denmark, on October 6th 1997 and is already considered one of the best rising star of the future.

Today is Ajax’s number 9 and he didn’t take so much time to make ajax supporters forget Arkadiusz Milik, after his transfer to Napoli for €32 millions.

Despite his young age, he managed to became the supporters’ favourite player thanks also to 18 goal in 40 appearances, almost a goal every 2 matches.

But why is Dolberg considered so powerful?

I’ll try to explain it through 2 gifs



Despite of his height (1,87), he’s very nimble and his movements are so slinky.

In fact he began as winger while he was playing for the Jong Ajax, the u19 team, before being transformed into a real striker in the team A.

Anyway, Dolberg is an atypical number 9, he’s tall and at the same time has a great ball control that gives him always the possibility to try the dribbling against the defenders. And most of them are successful.



His height allows him to fight on long balls, and his lean body to slip away from the rival’s pressure.

One of his best qualities is his touch control that lets him shooting from everywhere and most of the time with great results.

His shoot is very powerful and above all very accurate.

Some weeks ago he has declared:“I feel that my body has become much stronger in the last two months,I was obviously not used to playing at this level.”

He has everything to became one of the best strikers of the world, Or is he already one of them?

Luigi Casole



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