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The concept of “hero” in the past was related to a person who did a courageous, extraordinary and generous act, including the sacrifice of his own life, aimed at protecting the well-being of both the individual and the society.

Contrary, in our generation based on communication, social media and technology, the hero has lost his real meaning: we have no more heroes in the actual society and the models promoted by medias, which are imitated by most people, do not an imprint compliant to the original idea of the hero, which was completely positive.

In fact, nowadays we tend to define heroes people who do not have much of heroical, but who simply have a great media’s success, like the footballers.

If we see a person in danger, the heroic gesture would be to do everything in our capacity to help that person, but if we don’t raise this action to an heroic act, our contribution would be considered foolish and therefore  we have to redefine the concept of heroic gesture.

Often, instead of being focused on the heroic gesture, we are more worried that such an act could put us in trouble or give to the society a negative image of ourselves.

For example it could happen that a doctor prefers to not face a dangerous situation related to an ill person because if he tries to save her and fails, then the family will sue him and his life will be ruined.

Or if a person is drowning in the river, we do not have an incentive to swim and to try to save him because if he dies we will be guilty since we have done something wrong. So, instead of contrasting it, we have to stimulate an heroical behavior, to achieve a society made by many heroes that others can emulate.

In fact, in our society there is the tendency to emulate negatives acts, as we can see in the case of  terrorism, in which people do terrible and cruel things  by imitating the terrorists, just because  they are considered to be heroes.

We have to stimulate the excellence, which goes beyond the academic and obsolete view of the student with good marks, which is a too relative concept that cannot be objective.

In this way, we could fight the idea of selfish guys ready to do anything to reach their goals, who look at selfish men as the solution to become rich, and consequently distance ourselves for the principle that good marks at school necessarily implies a better position in the society, even if the student is less skilled. Behind a mark there are too many factors to be considered to define a person and his talent.

This is an example of violence, which is the basis of the actual society that we want to scardinate, with positivity and love.

In conclusion, since I am part of the radio programm, I have to mention the song “Heroes” by David Bowie, by saying that we MUST be heroes AT LEAST for one day.





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