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Everyone wants to have gorgeous manicure. And why not? Beautiful nails are an essential part of a neat well-groomed appearance. Regardless of how wonderful is your make-up or how well dressed you are, a good impression of a person’s appearance can be spoiled immediately if there is lack healthy and beautiful nails. In addition to the normal nail care which involves reinforcing oils and shining nail polish, it is essential to adopt the nails shape that better suits ourselves.

The shape of your nails may seem like a tiny detail, but it’s actually one of the most important steps to achieving a great manicure.

If you want amazing results is important to choose the best nail shape for you.


You should choose round shape if you have short nails because in this way it makes wide nail bed appear thinner.


Instead, if you have narrow nail beds, the square shape help you to make wide beds look stubby.


Oval shape is for whom that have long nails, and want to slim short fingers , and to wide nail beds. This shape contribute to add a little bit of elegance to your beauty style.


Squovale shape is a mix between square and oval, it is actually the most universally flattering nail shape because is for everyone.


Almond shape is perfect to elongate and taper fingers. This style is very glam.


If you want to dare try Stiletto shape, the best for long nails and elongating short fingers.

Next time you’re hitting the nail salon or doing manicure at home, be sure to have these tips above handy.


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