How do you shake my hand?

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You can understand people through their handshake. This tells a lot about someone’s character. In order to arrive at the origin of handshake we have to time travel to the ancient Greece. The handshake is probably engendered as a sign of peace, demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon.

In the modern age there are various customs about handshakes. It is commonly done upon meeting, greeting, parting, offering congratulation, expressing gratitude or completing an agreement.

In all these situation handshakes may be different, too. Because the handshake reflects our characters.

Here some types of it:

  • Sweaty palms: it is the sign of nervousness generated by an over activity of the nervous system.
  • Controller: you hand is pulled toward the person and strongly guided in a different direction.
  • Cold and clammy/Dead fish: is the most infamous one. There is no movement and you fell you are holding a dead fish. It’s the effect of a low self-esteem.
  • Crusher: it is an intimidate handshake. One of the two people decide to over tighten the other one.
  • Queens fingertips: the other person grabs only your fingers in order to keep people at a distance.
  • Yank and pull: is a power play. Shaking your hands you bring others in your comfort zone.
  • The two handed handshake/Hand Hug: is a classical politicians’ handshake which want to say that you are warmness, friendly, honest and trustworthy. Indeed is a power pose: if you want to say you are more important than the other person, you’ll cover his hand with you left hand.
  • Dominator: the handshake holds in horizontally saying “I’m better than you!”.
  • The pusher/Keep back: shaking your hand the other person extends his arm. In this way you can’t go closer to him. This handshake is usually used by aggressive people.

Which one is your handshake?

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Claudia Perillo


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