The urgency and the importance

[Reading time:  3 minutes]

The problems are part of doing business and an we can see them together many times.One of the biggest weaknesses of an entrepreneur is the time: 80% of them have littletime or don’t have time. If you have a small business, having free time is a dream, it’s the best thing that you want, because the company drags you with its in a whirlwind of tasks, appointments and so on. We know that the time is never enough, but how do you make last long enough and do everything?

The standard entrepreneur’s management system that fails is to handle everything in the same way as if they were all the same. This is the wrong thing. The advice is split urgent things to the important ones. Even in an emergency room there is the urgency’s division according to the colors:

 white, no urgency;

 green, less urgent, injuries but not life threatening;

 yellow, urgency, some vital organs are compromised;

 red, life-threatening emergency, the case is treated with top priority.

Sometimes it may happen that there is an urgency and each meeting written in working agenda disappear. The urgency is a problem of another person, a problem that another person can’t manage and free himself of it. After that you try to handle it for your excess of responsibility and your high sense of duty, but often it is expressed in wasting time of your workday. All things that make you richer are important, as everything marked on the agenda: go to the accountant to see if there are benefits, go to the lawyer to protect the company, going out to find new customers. But 80% of business owners could not do that because they confused the important things with the urgent things. We must have clear these two areas because upon them rests the most valuable thing you possess: the time. I invite you to sit down and think about what is the value of the time, because few people know it. We plan to have an endless amount of time and then overused it. But if you want to know its true value, ask to a child waiting for Santa Claus on December 24. Benjamin Franklin said that time is money, Steve Jobs thought of his projects with the thought of having only 6 months of life and Oscar Wilde said “Dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you will die today.”

Edited by: Tommaso Trufini


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