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Warning: this recipe contains strong tastes and wonderful sensations, read at your risk.

Hello and welcome again in my kitchen. Today I will not talk about a recipe, I won’t talk about something funny, I won’t talk about a ‘food’. I will talk about a way of life, a special dish given to use by antient deities: yes I’m talking about pasta. Pasta is something born in antient days. We can find it In the southern Italy(strange eh?) and it was known as làganon(in Greece) and in Italy as makària(from here we have the term maccheroni(very used by foreigners to address every type of pasta(stop it please). Ok after this little historical parenthesis we can start talking about today’s recipe: pasta with tomato sauce.

WARNING: this recipe doesn’t contain ketchup, if you are sensible to the absence of this product please don’t read. Ok now we can really start. The ingredients are: pasta(well that’s strange), garlic, oil, basil, tomatoes, parmesan, salt and spices at your tastes(ketchup Is not a spice…don’t you try to use it).

First thing first put water in a pot and let it boil. While the water warms up grab a pan and pour some oil in it cleaning a piece of garlic and cutting it in small pieces. Let the garlic cook a bit in the oil and then get those nice red tomatoes inside letting them cook at low heat(grandma’s teach that a slow cooking makes everything better). After a while turn off the heat of the sauce(its up to you how much cooking it, it depends on your tastes)and garnish it with some basil, salt and fresh oil. By now the water should be boiling. Grab some salt and throw It in the water(this will make the salt melt and mix in the water as well as raising the boiling temperature. After waiting a few more minutes, when the water boils again, put the pasta inside making sure to stir it properly so it won’t burn/remain on the pot. Watch out for the cooking time of the pasta, its important not to overcook it(I know some of you might love overcooked pasta…yes I’m takin to you Americans). When the pasta is cooked(take some from the pot and taste it to see if its ready or not) turn off the heat and drain it. Get it in the plate and season it with your sauce.

Grate some fresh parmesan on and enjoy your tasty meal…throw away that horrible stuff you do witch ketchup…enjoy and stay tuned!


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