Good inconvenience

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When working peacefully, without pressure, doing the work that you can do for a long time, you have the poor earnings. Instead, when you experience something different, something that you aren’t able to do, something to discover, something to seriously commit to do it, then it earns more money.

The comfort zone is the area where you’re producing, where you are satisfied, where there is a security that surrounds you. For better results and higher returns have to enter into the scomfort area. One of the ingredients for a successful business is just that.

A feeling that should not scare you when you’re in the latter area is the fear. If you feel fear, think you are producing so much and gaining money. If you are afraid, then you are on the right way because fear is the meter of scomfort.

An example of scomfort area: to restructure the bath house would spend € 5000 with a construction company. Instead, today’s savings needs did lift people out of comfort zone: with spending by Leroy Merlin 1000 € and some tutorials on you tube, they managed to renovate the bathroom.

Each of us knows what are the things to do and to earn money, that is to say, those things that we a re lazy to do or that we postpone: are things we can do just ourselves and nobody will do for you.

In the ’50s, when my grandfather worked, ‘working hard’ meant to struggle, use physical force. With industrialization and the introduction of machinery, it meant working a lot of hours. Today, ‘working hard’ means to step outside your comfort zone, is understanding the market, training staff who can not sell, having new vendors, visiting customers and the so on.

The courageous person is not the one who is not afraid, but who acts in spite of everything!

Albert Einstein: “Insanity is, expecting different results doing the same things”

In your memory

Edited by: Tommaso Trufini

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