Questions of a listener

[Reading time: 4 minutes]

As we said before, when we speak with someone we want to produce a change in his mind. This process happens through four different questions, produced in the listener mind by a speaker. These questions are known as the “Berenice McCarthy’s 4MAT”, which is a learning process, too. It is a unique collection and linking of theories on human beings and communication. The format says that every speech generates four different questions in the listener mind.

The first question is WHY and it’s linked with the world of meanings. Through this, listeners want to understand the reason why you are speaking and your motivations. This is very important because a speaker has to believe in what he is saying, in order to persuade people. Believing in what you are saying is the only way to be a real leader.

The second question is WHAT. Listeners want to know all the information in order to truly understand the meaning of the subject. Know what is behind a speech lets listener to be engaged in the theme.

The third question is HOW. People want to know how will you achieve your target, how will you realize what you are saying. This part of the communication process aims to move from “know what” to “know how”. In this way the communication process became a know how transmission process.

The last and most important question is “And if…?”. It is a link between the speaker and the listener. Because people who are listening to you start thinking what is their part in the story. In this way the speaker is able to produce a change in the listeners. In this way the speaker can “shoot” a call to action. In this way a real leader may change the point of view of the listener and may create something new in his mind.

Only a real leader can go through all these questions and arrive to a deep change of the listener. Only a real leader makes people able to catch the call to action. Only a real leader is able to inspire other people to became better and better.




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