The wealth

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According to Thomas J Stanley, ma American writer who has devoted part of his life to the study of millionaires, most of them share these features: they are honest with all people, they have good self-discipline, they all have a spouse who supports them, they work harder than others, they love their work and their own company, they possess great competitive spirit, they are well organized, they have the ability to sell their ideas and services. In addition to this there is another feature, that is, the rich people argue differently than normal people.

We would ask a wealthy reason for his wealth, as the rich may ask others why they are not rich.

You are not rich for your monthly earning!

If you are a dentist and earn 120,000 € per year, but at the end of the month you never have money, then you are a poor with a high standard of living. You are not rich if you aren’t able to save money and if you work 14 hours per day, at the weekends and on holidays.

You are rich if you exercise your profession by generating a passive income that allows you to earn even when you are sunbathing: you do not work for money, money have to work for you.

But most people are convinced that more work hours are more profitable. This concept depends on the environments in which we grew up and on the mental pattern: study, find a job, buy a home, work hard, salve monte and finally enjoy the fruits of your work.

This scheme could be right 30 years ago, but today the right scheme is 80% head and 20% knowledge.

Tommaso Trufini


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