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Here we are for our weekly appointment. Time goes by, we are more and more busy with group projects and incumbent exams, yet I wish to continue to give you inputs and suggestion for a greener lifestyle. For this week’s article I manage to find a topic that comprises both greener consumption and production, and that rises directly from my personal experience.

Some months ago, in fact, I was orphaned of hairdresser and to find a new one was not an easy task.

Finally, I tried a salon in my neighborhood and it was love at first sight. It is a small an quiet shop, not far form may house, so that I can just walk to arrive there and above all…the owner uses completely organic products.

The brand name of the product I tried, is Organic Way and the company, Rolland, is based in Italy, specifically near Bologna.

Organic way’s products are created using km 0 biodynamic ingredients and essential oils obtained through natural processes. Moreover, all other ingredients necessary for the production process are bought through international fair trade networks. As for the realization of its shampoos and repairs creams the company employs the so called “green chemistry” which does not exploit aggressive or toxic components, yet only comprises the use of natural substances.

In my opinion the most tangible sustainable concern – from the end-consumer point of view – lies in the packaging. In fact, al products comes with amber glass with no-glare properties, able to protect and retain the integrity of all the natural substance contained in the products. Moreover, amber glass is 100% pure, it does not release toxic substances and it does not contains chemical.

Besides glass, the company uses also aluminium for its packagings. Aluminium is extremely resistant as well as completely and infinitely recyclable.

Giulia Vitali

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