Useful tips to boulder indoor

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Hi Climbers!

Thanks to the proliferation of Bouldering (a form of rock climbing performed without the use of ropes or harnesses) all over the world, indoor bouldering has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. In this article we will see some useful pieces of advice from Dave Flanagan, a seasoned boulderer, to improve this particular climbing discipline.

  1. A good warm-up

A complete warm-up (an hour before your climbing session) allows you to avoid injury and to climb in a better way. A good way to start is climbing easy routes at first, concentrating on moving fluently and effectively increasing the difficulty level step by step.


  1. Make a plan

Make a plan before start bouldering, that is choosing in advance which kind of hand and foot holds you are going to utilize and in what order, is essential to climb in a proper way. Moreover, try to focus on technique rather than strength.



  1. Pay attention to other boulderers

Watching how other climbers are trying your problem can be very helpful, but pay attention not to blindly copy other climber’s sequences. Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and physical characteristics! So what works for others could not be good for you.




  1. Focus on your centre of gravity

In climbing language your centre of gravity is “the theoretical point where the entire mass of your body is concentrated”, it is located just above the belly button. The base of support is represented by the area created by connecting your points of contact (your current hand and foot holds).


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  1. Improve your weaknesses

Improving your weaknesses is a fundamental way to enhance your climbing performance as it demands much less effort to gain good results in your weakness’ area than it does to make small advancements in areas of strength.



To have more tips on this topic visit the interesting article by Dave Flanagan on UKC blog  and leave a comment about your own experience!

Francesca Berti


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