ESN Roma L.U.


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On Sunday, 30th of April, join us to visit Calcata, a wonderful village set in Rome surroundings, and to relax at the thermal baths in Bullicame, next to Viterbo.

The program is as follows:
11:30 am: departure from Piazza Istria;
1 am: arrival in Calcata (which is well-known for being set on the top of a hill and for being heaven of many artists in the past);
3 pm: departure from Calcata;
3:30 pm: arrival in thermal baths, where we will relax, drink a good wine offered from us, and have a bbq organized from the staff of ESN Roma LUISS;
10:00 pm: departure and head back Rome.

The participation fee is only 27euros and includes:
-bus transport
-Thermal baths (take with you swimsuit and a towel).
-Loads of wine and the company of our ESN Staff!

Come and book your spot to our Office at the Language Café!



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