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Piazza di Spagna is one of the most famous squares in the whole world! It is situated at the bottom of the Spanish Steps which counts 135 steps! Its name comes from the nearby Embassy of Spain among the Holy See. The stairway should have linked the embassy and the church in the top of Trinità dei Monti, both built by Bourbon kings of France.
In the heart of the square Pietro Bernini, more famous Gian Lorenzo’s father, built the early baroque fountain called Fontana della Barcaccia (“Fountain of the ugly Boat”) in the 17th century.
The legend says that the Pope Urban made the fountain build after seeing a boat brought here by a flood of the Tiber river.

The building at the left of the stairway houses the Babington’s Tea room, founded in 1893. At the right corner of the Spanish Steps is possibile to admire the house of the English poet John Keats. Nowadays it’s become a museum dedicate to Keats and his friends Shelley, two of the most representative poets of English Romanticism.
In piazza di Spagna 31 you can visit Giorgio De Chirico House Museum, but it’s open only by appointment from Tuesday to Saturday.

In April Rhododendrons fill the stairway, making it more colourful and fascinating.

So what you are waiting for? Be ready to reach the top of the staircase to enjoy one of the most breath-taking views in Rome.



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