The basic features of a speech

[Reading time: 2 minutes]

We already said that a speaker needs one clear message.

We know, however, too many things and people aren’t there to listen to many things.

People want to get your message, which is one and clear. If you haven’t got it, it is better for you to stay home.

Communication, indeed, is made of a consistent message.

A speaker knows too many things, but has to choose between these in order to communicate effectively.

In first place the speaker has to choose his message. Then he can build his speech.

This last is made of three components: an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Each part lead more and more to the aim of effectively communicate your message.

The first part, in which you introduce your speech, is made of your big idea. At first you will introduce yourself and break the ice. Then you will present your message (a god speech always starts from the end), telling your point of view and your vision.

The second part, in which there is the body of the speech, is built on “what” and “how”. In this you will expose and develop the problem. You will support your idea with evidences and figures. Here you will be able to use numbers and images to let your audience to better understand your message. Doing this, you will be able to involve listeners, making your proposal desirable and promoting action.

The third and last part, which contains the conclusion, is expressed through a call to action. In this point of the speech you will recall the thesis and the vision proposed in the introduction, summarize the body and challenge the audience with a call to action.


In a great speech all these part have got a relevance and each part is built in order to persuade the listener to catch the call to action.


#staytuned: during the following weeks you will discover how to break the ice, use numbers and pictures and make a great call to action!




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