The conviction

Much of our beliefs are based on erroneous interpretations of past experiences, the problem is that once we have adopted those beliefs, we forget that they are only interpretations. Therefore, We don’t choose consciously in what to believe and in what to disbelieve, we don’t decide which system of beliefs to adopt: we find them and we unconsciously act! The convictions write the script of our lives while we passively act according to the predetermined part, in the illusion of choosing consciously, in full freedom and autonomy. We are at the service of our convictions and they can make them free or slaves, according to the content they carry with them. We mustn’t think that what we really believe is true, we must live with the awareness that we are conditioned by beliefs that prevent us from expressing our uniqueness and being completely ourselves. If we fail to reach our potential is because we live with the false assumption that we already know the truth, that is why it is important to challenge our beliefs. When we change our viewpoints that limit us, we learn new resources and become more free. Each one of us is conditioned by the beliefs that belong to the context in which he lives (parents, teachers, friends) and from the ideas that we have built in our lives. This pattern of thought gives rise to every other manifestation.

For example: there are people who believe that everyone is different, including himself. So if everyone is different, a person will not be able to earn as others do. The people not having these beliefs that restrict action, start a business, and start earning.

Conviction has a history and a psychological part, that creates a mood, which drives you to take action to get the result.

The convictions are the tool with which we observe ourselves, the world and others.

A famous phrase on Napoleon says, “The man who could do everything because he wanted everything.”

Will is power.


Tommaso Trufini


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