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Thanks to concealer, we’re able to hide everything that we don’like from our face, but the concealers are not all the same. It is importat understand what kind of colour is good for you, and yours problems.

An advice maybe banal but fundamental is to apply your foundation or tinted moisturizer first, that way you don’t have to use as much of the color correctors as you would if you put them on your makeup-free face.

Mastering the art of concealer has a lot to do with understanding the basics of color correction.

Way back in school when, we learned how colors directly across from another cancels the other out.


Now, let’s discover together how it work every colour!!!

PURPLE/BLUE VIOLET: Cancels yellow.

First of all, purple concealer brightens the complexion and combats sallow undertones in fair to medium skin tones.

It is also useful to bright dullness.

YELLOW: Cancels blue and purple.

It is perfect for lighten darker skin tones and cover purple or blue undereyes and evening skin tone. Furthermore, this colour calms mild redness, and co couteracts ashiness on medium and dark skin tones.

BLUE- GREEN: Cancels red.

Girls which suffer of rosacea or intense redness and breakouts, need to use this color corrector. It i salso useful for cover sun-burn, wind burn, acne and visible cappilaries.

RED: Cancels blue- green.

Perfect to cancel out stubborn dark circles on deep skin. Moreover it cover hollow undereyes and also tattoo.

ORANGE: Cancels blue.

Maybe this colour is the most used in make-up. It is great to cover dark circles and bruised skin.

PINK: Cancels brown.

This color is great for girls which have pale skin.

Moreover it brightens dark spot and dullness. Many girls use this colour to cover age and sun spots.



Egle Trovato


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