Wind of change

[Reading time: 2 minutes]

Guys often waste their time speaking about how now there are no job opportunities for the young, that they are graduated but they don’t have a job and that the government does not do anything for them.

Maybe all this can be true but I think that the situation is not so drastic. I think that if you really have something to give to the society you can do it, specially now. Indeed we have the luck to live in an era in which we have the opportunity to invent what we want to do and create our job.

Obviously if we think at the job market, as the canonic job market, of which our parents have benefited is not more available for us.

I know that maybe can be a strong affirmation, but maybe even the coveted view of the fixed place has to be modified. We don’t have to think to the fixed place as something at which we wont to arrive. The fixed place is not more suitable for this kind of society and without of it, you are allowed to do what you really want without living in the monotony, that destroys the life inside the people.

Now we have the opportunity to create what we really wont to do and the ways to do it are a lot.

Accelerators, startup, challenges… al situation in which we have the opportunities to show our ideas, that if are valid and innovative can bring us through a world in which the “stability” of a sure job in not necessary.

What it is important in my opinion is a change of mentality, taking as a job even making video on YouTube, having a Facebook page or an Instagram profile.

A lot of guy gain money with this instruments becoming “influencer”, who influences people.

A great example is the Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, who unfortunately here in Italy is known as the Fedez’s girlfriend, while in the rest of the world is known by everyone as one of the most influencing person, included in the list “30 Under 30 Europe : The Arts” by Forbes. She earns a lot of money just with a blog and an Instagram profile, all things that seem to our old eyes intangibles and without apparent substance.

This is just an example, maybe too extreme, but is useful to understand that the world change when starts to have sufficient means.

Now we have these means, what we need is an open, but especially positive mentality.

Gianmarco Bartolomucci



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