Parco degli Acquedotti is one of the greenest areas in Rome. You can easly reach this public park by subway (line A) because it’s very near to Lucio Sestio and Giulio Agricola metro stations. The park belongs to the Appian Way Regional Park and it shows a particular appearance of Rome. Its name is due to the 7 underground and above-ground aqueducts that go through the park. Their different names are Anio Vetus, Marcia, Tepula, Iulia, Felice, Claudio e Anio Novus and some of them come from the ancient Rome and others from the papal period. Their main aim was to carry water in the all parts of the city and they are a majestic testament of the old Roman engineers. Parco degli Acquedotti houses part of the ancient Aqua Claudia, the Renaissance Aqua Felix and the remains of Villa delle Vignacce, an old Roman domus.


The park was a part of the Ager Romanus and it’s rich in the typical Roman trees, the so-called pines. It also includes a small lake that comes from the Aqua Felix and that makes a tiny waterfall and a flow which recreates the old Aqua Mariana.

The whole area was reevaluated in 70’s, before which there were only shacks and unauthorised vegetable gardens. Indeed all of them were eliminated, and water and panoramic renovation was promoted by an organizing committee to preserve and defend this area rich of history. From the park it’s possible to admire the panorama of the Roman Catles, a group of Comunes at the feet of the Alban hills in the south-east of Rome. The strange thing is that the park is often crossed by planes which land in the near Ciampino airport. For its metaphysical and suggestive appearance the park was used as location of many movies like The Great Beauty, La Dolce Vita directed by Fellini and Mamma Roma.

So, what are you waiting for? Be ready to get lost in the green lung of the eternal city!


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