The importance of the communication

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There may be several things that do not fit in a business. The enterprise is not just a totality of people working, but it is a whole thing of people who also have the same motivation and the same goals.

There are managers who are very capable of inventing good products and innovative advertising, but they are not successful because there is no common purpose that unites men within the enterprise. There is an exercise in team building, that is to say rafting: get off the rapids of a river aboard an inflatable boat. If you go down the river and you are in a dangerous situation, only if you all go in the same direction you can overcome the danger: there must be a proper alignment between the first and the last of the crew.

The entrepreneur is the head of the boat and must tell his men in which direction they are riding and how to act in dangerous situations. The employees of the firm need the entrepreneur to talk to them about his intentions and the company ones, so as to align the purposes. If your collaborators do not accept your idea and your project, even though there is an innovative product, it will be a failure. In conducting a group you have to concentrate on the positive sides of each individual, so the negative sides decrease.

One of the tips is not to look into an employee’s own business that is wrong, because that’s lead to the fear of mistaking and cutting wings to their employees. You have to walk through the corridors to look for someone who is doing the right thing and then praise him because the employees work hard and engage and search a recognition from their boss to continue working better than before.

Information asymmetry is the difference between intentions and information among management and employees. In this way it will be difficult to reach the business goals or it will take longer than expected because employees work without knowing the true business goal. So good communication solves this situation by setting individual goals. In this way every single employee is pushed and he will feel part of a larger group.

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